Notes from reading The Nones by Ryan P. Burge

The Nones by Ryan P. Burge is about the rise in Americans who are not affiliated with any religious group; the author calls this group of American’s “Nones” as a short hand. In addition to being an academic, the writer is…

My notes and reflections on reading High Conflict by Amanda Ripley

High Conflict by Amanda Ripley

When I was young, I heard older married people in my life talk about how to fight well with each other. I had no idea what this actually meant, but back then it seemed like the pinnacle of maturity to me. Fighting I knew, but doing it well seemed impossible.

How it works and why I love it

Beautiful Switzerland

I’ve been living in Switzerland for more than 2 years now. There are many things I love about my host country, but probably the most unexpected one is the waste and recycling system. …

2020 has been a no good, very bad year. In no particular order, here are some things that I enjoyed in the midst of it.

Hiking above the Engadin Valley in Switzerland, one of my favorite places I visited in 2020


Things I read

The Browser. A daily digest of five recommended articles, a podcast, and a video on… basically anything, as long as it’s interesting. Consistently introduces me to things I love learning about. Some of my favorite discoveries from it include:

James Edward Dillard

operating a bit outside the lines

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