Recycling in Switzerland

The Matterhorn in between a Valais canton flag and a Swiss flag
Beautiful Switzerland
What a Züri-Sack looks like
Four blue recycling bins: brown glass, white glass, and two for green glass
Recycling bins on a square near my apartment (metal is just out of shot)
Cardboard boxes tied with twine on the sidewalk
Cardboard waiting to be picked up on recycling day
Recycling bin next to some olives in the grocery store
Recycling bin at my local Migros (grocery store). I don’t know why Medium stretches out the image, but I can’t fix it :(
The bottle on the left can be recycled (see the R next to the bar code); the one on the right can’t (see the trash bag beneath the 1L on the right hand side)





operating a bit outside the lines

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James Edward Dillard

James Edward Dillard

operating a bit outside the lines

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