The Nones

Cover of the book The Nones
  • Nones include 3 groups: Atheists, Agnostics, and “Nothing in Particulars”. Atheists and Agnostics are both about 6% of the adult population. Nothing in particulars are 20%.
  • Americans really don’t like atheists. The book shows a chart with attitudes towards different groups. At the top are groups like working class people (83.1) and the military (80.5). At the bottom, 4 points lower than Congress (42.3) are Atheists (38.4)
  • Other than political leanings, one of the biggest things that impacts whether or not someone has religious affiliation is whether or not they have children




operating a bit outside the lines

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James Edward Dillard

James Edward Dillard

operating a bit outside the lines

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